Watch | 24.09.19

What people get wrong about internet censorship

‘Fascinating and eye-opening. An excellent book on China’s online strategy. This is an exciting and sobering account of how freedom, which was never in the internet code in the first place, can be effectively curtailed with the tools that were supposed to liberate us.’ – Guardian

Look | 05.07.19

No Rainbows, Just Pride

Fred W. Macdarrah photographed every NYC Pride March for twenty-five years following the Stonewall riots.

Look | 12.06.17

Music and Mayhem in the Middle East

From Tehran to Riyadh, Cairo to Nazareth, this is the story of how a new generation of rockers and rappers are trying to change the Middle East.

Watch | 19.10.16

Ash Sarkar on Assata Shakur

Ash Sarkar, senior editor at Novara Media, discusses ‘Assata’, the autobiography of Assata Shakur, and how it has inspired and informed her on a personal and political level.

Watch | 07.10.16


Jack Shenker discusses the Marikana mineworkers’ massacre and the subsequent judicial inquiry, asking what the violent suppression of workers says about South Africa today.

Watch | 07.05.15

Is Capitalism a Racket?

Matt Kennard, former Financial Times journalist turned rogue reporter and enemy of the rich and powerful, discusses his book with Amelia Abraham from Vice, Ellie Mae O’Hagan from the Guardian, author Owen Jones and rapper Potent Whisper.

Watch | 07.08.14

Assata: A discussion at the Black Cultural Archives

Highlights from the inspiring launch event for Assata, the autobiography of Assata Shakur at the Black Cultural Archives in Brixton, London, August 2014. An evening of music, readings and discussion with Akala, Zena Edwards, Daniel Maitlin and Esther Standford-Xosei.